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Water Damage to your property may result in its low appraisal value and health issues may come up if the damages on the property were not given the proper repair and handled properly.

In order to prevent further damage, acting fast after the occurrence is a must.

Here is some helpful advice  for when you property is struck by water damage

  • Must Act On Time – This means that when water damage occurs, you must right away contact the professional team on restoration. Because water damage repair is not just as simple household chores to do, you must have the necessary tools, experience, equipment and knowledge.
  • Do not wait for the next day to act – once there is water inside your household or property, look for the disaster response team that are online 24/7 or those that offers 24 hours emergency response service.
  • Remove Valuables – once the water is removed and when everything is normal, all the valuables that are present in the area must be removed to avoid contamination due to humidity and an overall unsanitary situation.
  • Report – right away report to your insurance company the water damage that besets your property since it requires huge amount of money to restore your property. The insurance company will help you support all the finances.

Fyi- when we had our flood, the insurance company would not cover it because the water came from outside the house- we had to cover the expenses of clean up ourselves. If it was a broken pipe then we would have been covered. so make sure you check your coverage thoroughly.

  • Inventory – take an inventory of the household items. Carefully check the contaminated items and the non-contaminated. An expert on Water Damage Restoration in the (city name) will help you choose what to preserve and what to throw away.
  • Take a review – check the whole area of the household or your property from time to time. From the indoor air quality to upholstery, drywall as well as on household flooring. Once you are satisfied and comfortable on it, try to let the professional have the review once in a while.

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